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Digital Policy Issuance

EG Insurtech provides an innovative platform that takes over much painstaking manual work and reduces human errors through digital policy issuance.

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Labeled as the market leader for insurance digital transformation, EG Insurtech enables all insurance companies to digitalize the process of insurance policy issuance, which is unquestionably streamlining and accelerating the processes for both the insurance companies and the customers by utilizing the technology-based features of our insurance platform.​

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Digital policy issuance represents an unprecedented competitive edge for insurance companies which are specialized in various industries such as motor insurance, medical insurance, property insurance, and life insurance.​

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EG Insurtech platform delivers:

 Mobile app for customers

Platform for companies

Platform for


Digital policy issuance

Consequently, insurance companies will get the best use of our platform for:​

Increasing profitability​

Minimizing the processes time

Reducing manual errors

Achieving customers satisfaction

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Digital policy issuance makes it easier than ever, for more information,

get in touch with us.​

*EG Insurtech is an insurance technology company that provides advanced solutions to companies operating in the insurance sector*

Our Products

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Our Partners

Our Partners

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