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Who we are

Since our foundation, EG Insurtech has led with a clear purpose to digitally transform the insurance sector, thriving on a combination of regional expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and extensive knowledge of our calibers whether in insurance or information technology.

 We empower the insurance sector by connecting its stakeholders to centralized intelligent solutions and enabling them to achieve more significantly through leveraging our smart services and solutions.

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We are committed to developing a wide range of top-notch solutions in Insurance technology, that guarantee authentic results through a technologically advanced system that fits the insurance market, tackles the fraud possibility, increases profitability, and saves billions.

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Pioneering insurance technology and making a sustainable positive impact on the economy and society.

Our Values
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We work relentlessly to deliver optimized solutions

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We build trust by being transparent and honest with all parties

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People are the glue that binds our business and processes together

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We Create long-term business values by tackling challenges and seizing opportunities

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We believe that our collaboration is the key to achieving our goals

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Our mindset is set to optimize and innovate continually according to business needs

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Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company

Our Address

14 Street 286, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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