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Digitally Transforming
the Egyptian Insurance Industry

EG Insurtech is a smart digital platform in Egypt that provides innovative solutions & services for the insurance industry, which is formally documented, monitored, and controlled by applying the best-in-class technological techniques in an integrated ecosystem.

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We act as the insurance market leader and main provider for the insurance sector, by significantly participating in the achievement of a compelling digital transformation by providing operation teams on the ground and managing the entire cycle.

EG Insurtech links both the public and private sectors, in addition to binding all the stakeholders in a unified platform to ensure providing convenient digital services for the entire Insurance industry.

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Our Services

Digital Policy Issuance​

EG Insurtech takes over much painstaking manual work and reduces the operations time through the digital policy issuance.

Policy Shipping & Delivery

EG Insurtech enables insurance companies to easily send Insurance policies to their clients' doorstep.

Claims Management

EG Insurtech empowers the digital transformation for insurance claims management through a workflow-driven solution.

Digital & Remote Pre-Risk Survey​

EG Insurtech is a future-proofed platform that applies the latest technologies for remote pre-risk survey, relying on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Accident Real Time Notification

EG Insurtech is a distinctive platform for linking the affected insureds with the reports system in the operations rooms and the accident reports through a mobile app.


Our Products

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Our Objectives

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The digital transformation of the entire insurance industry.

Creating an integrated ecosystem to provide high-quality services.

Tackling the fraud possibilities

 in the insurance industry.

Improving the quality of services.

Ensuring transparency between all stakeholders.

Automating the financial

settlements among all parties.

Our Features

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Increasing productivity
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Decreasing work overload
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Relying on artificial intelligence (AI)
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Saving time, money, and effort
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assuring honesty and integrity
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Improving customer experience
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Creating an innovative work environment
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Optimizing the operations workflow
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Ahmed Eissa
Chief Executive Officer
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"Our purpose is to solve the insurance industry challenges and create a benchmark and a unique standard for sustainable digital services connecting its stakeholders.


We are not only transforming the industry across the chain, but we are also adding significant value for both insurers and insureds."

Our Partners

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Our Address

14 Street 286, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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