About Us

Digitally Transforming the Egyptian Insurance Industry

EG Insurtech is a smart, digital platform in Egypt that provides innovative solutions & services for the insurance industry that is formally documented, monitored, and controlled.

We act as the main provider for the insurance sector and help them achieve compelling digital transformation by providing operation teams on the ground, handling the entire cycle, all of which integrates both the public and the private sectors into a single platform, making us the one-stop-shop convenient digital service for the Insurance industry.

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We exist to become a solution that empowers all parties included to create a seamless, faster, more trusted solution in the Insurance market such as insurance companies, brokers, workshops and other businesses involved in the industry with intelligent technologies, enabling them to Digitally Transform and to significantly achieve more and to be an innovative one-stop-shop smart digital service, connecting all stakeholders under one platform.


We are committed to develop a wide range of smart solutions in the Insurance Field that guarantees authentic results through a technological advanced system for safety management that’s fit for Egypt’s market, which decreases rate of fraud and saves billions!

EG Insurtech's Core Values

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Ahmed Eissa, CEO, EG Insurtech

"My purpose is to solve the insurance industry challenges and create a benchmark and a unique standard for digital services connecting its stakeholders.

We are not only transforming the industry across the chain, but we are also adding significant value to policy holders"